Positive Pregnancy Affirmations (for Any Stage)

4 min readJul 27, 2021

From the beginning of your pregnancy journey when you discover the news, to your first trimester, leading right up to the birth of your child, there can be a whirlwind of emotions and physical changes that you will experience. Alongside other support, you can practice self-care in a range of ways. One way which can lead to a more positive mindset, increased physical health due to a better sense of calm, and a strong feeling of connection with yourself and your baby is by practicing positive pregnancy affirmations.

Like all affirmations, you can use pregnancy affirmations in the best way that suits your well-being and your lifestyle. Repeating a couple of affirmations in the morning can be a revitalizing way to begin your day and instill a sense of strength. You may also choose to expand this ritual by choosing an affirmation to close the day too. Alternatively, some people opt to write their favorite affirmation down numerous times to absorb the power of the words.

Below there are a selection of spiritual, emotional and physical pregnancy affirmations that will help you to feel empowered throughout the journey of your pregnancy. Whether you engage with them independently or with a partner or friend.

Affirmations can be *so powerful* but most people make mistakes and quit before they see results. You can follow this affirmation workbook to see how it can impact your life in just 7 days.

Spiritual Pregnancy Affirmations

1.I enjoy learning about your soul each day.

2.I visualize a divine, protective, white light around me.

3.My love and the love from the universe helps my baby to grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically into good health.

4.I feel connected to my baby more and more each day.

5. I am blessed to experience this unique spiritual, emotional, and physical journey.

6.May the joy that I feel for my baby emanate to those around me.

7.I only attract positive and loving vibes throughout my pregnancy.

8.I put my faith in the universe throughout my pregnancy.

9.I surrender to the universe and embrace all growing changes.

10.I am so grateful for my pregnancy.

11.I have belief that everything is as it should be.

12.I ride the wave of my pregnancy.

13.My baby is a beautiful gift.

14.I embrace the future.

15.As my family grows, I feel a deeper connection to loved ones around me.

16.The magic of my pregnancy uplifts my spirit and soul.

17.I spend time in nature to find a deep sense of calm and trust in the universe.

Emotional Pregnancy Affirmations

1.My baby feels my love.

2.I embrace all of the emotions that come with the journey of my pregnancy.

3.I become more attuned to the feelings of my baby every day.

4.I nurture the emotions of my baby.

5.I feel increasingly prepared for motherhood.

7.I am confident I will be an excellent mother.

8.I feel excited about the journey of my pregnancy and birth.

9.I simultaneously take care of mine and my baby’s needs.

10.I look forward to teaching my baby all of the wonders of the world.

11.I feel brave, courageous and confident to become an incredible care-giver.

12.I put all of my fears aside as I prepare for my baby’s birth.

13.I make responsible decisions throughout my pregnancy.

14.I respect everything about my pregnancy.

15.I feel empowered throughout my pregnancy.

16.I am attuned to my baby’s soul.

17. I remain peaceful and calm throughout challenging days.

Physical Pregnancy Affirmations

1.I treat my body with love and care to ensure I remain fit and healthy.

2.I welcome and embrace the changes to my body.

3.Every physical sensation from my baby reminds me of their growth and development.

4.I trust that my baby will be born when they are ready for the world.

5.I treat my body kindly through gentle exercise.

6.My baby is safe and perfectly nestled inside of me.

7.My mind and body accept painful sensations through an understanding of the joy that awaits.

8.Nutritious foods and pure water fuels us both.

9.I accept my body exactly as it is.

10.I put my trust in my body.

11.Every kick reminds me of my body’s power.

12.My body adapts physically.

13.I thank my body for its strength.

14.I am grateful for my body’s creation.

15.Together, we grow in harmony.

16.I follow all healthy steps to ensure the well-being of my body.

17.I am destined to have a safe and healthy birth.