Positive Monday Morning Affirmations

4 min readAug 5, 2021


Another week means another seven days full of memories, challenges, and everything in between. While it might seem like there wouldn’t be much difference between the week that has just finished and the week you’re about to start, it’s important to start a week right. As we continuously live our everyday lives, with time not stopping and with us trying to catch up with it, we lose our breath and get tired along the way. This is why it’s common for people to already feel tired even if it’s still Monday. With fatigue comes self-doubt and anxiety that things won’t go well for you this week. While negative thoughts are inevitable sometimes, it’s important to start a week with the right mindset to be able to put your best foot forward in all the situations you’re going to be in. Something that will help you with that, is affirmations. Particularly, Monday Morning Affirmations are affirmations people say and remind themselves of on a Monday Morning to jumpstart a positive and successful week. With that, here are some essential Monday Morning Affirmations that can help you!

“It’s okay that I’m feeling negative feelings, these will soon pass too.”

What may seem like “just another week” to others, maybe something you’re not used to, or is something new to you. Unfamiliar things bring discomfort. anxiety, and doubt, and it’s normal to feel all these. To make yourself feel better, you first have to accept that these feelings are normal and valid. You have to make yourself understand that it’s okay for you to feel these things because they are fleeting and will not consume you. You will not let yourself be consumed by these negative feelings, and instead, you can accept them as a valid part of you.

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“I am a powerful creature. I can and will power through all of the challenges I’m about to face this week.”

Reassure yourself that you have the power to go through all of this week’s challenges. You have gone this far in life, and all your achievements and milestones are proof of your power and perseverance. Like the weeks you have lived and left behind you, you’ll get through this week with power. You are not weak. You are strong, beautiful, hardworking, and determined, and all these will pay off later on. You are powerful and you will not let anyone or anything push you or drag you down.

“I will not put to waste the endless potentials and opportunities of growth of today.”

Today and for the coming days of the week, you will allow yourself to explore and discover new abilities, talents, opportunities, and chances for growth. You will allow yourself to improve, hone, and become a better person and citizen. You will not limit yourself to what you already know and have now, but you will release yourself out in the world of limitless potential and opportunities that will make you become better holistically. You will empower yourself to achieve greater heights each passing day.

“I trust the path I walk on today, that it will lead me to beautiful destinations.”

Trust the path you’re walking in and the purpose you are living. Remind yourself that you are here for a reason, for your good, and the good of others. Do not let temptations and hindrances blind the vision you have on the path you are walking in. The path you’re on is beautiful and you have to trust the destinations it leads you to. Even if you feel lost, trust the road you are walking and trust in your feet as they walk through the paths of life. You are walking a beautiful road and you will reach beautiful destinations.

“I will be happy, healthy, and full of love today, and for the rest of the week.”

Claim your happiness and make it come true. You will be happy and healthy as you choose to be and no one will stop you from achieving this. You can and you will be happy today and in the days to come. You will continue to give love to yourself and the people around you. You will spread good and positive energy that allows your environment to be happy too. You will be okay and happy because you believe so, and no one can change or take away what you believe in. Believe in your happiness, health, and love, and choose to make them come true.

These are five short yet impactful affirmations that contain profound messages that hopefully could jumpstart your week to a good one. Saying at least one affirmation to yourself every day as you wake up or before you go to work helps you start your day with positivity. This positivity is what allows you to power through and live through all the days of the week happily and determined. So, make sure to start every week and every day with affirmations that you are in control of the life you’re living and that you have the power to make it a good one!




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