Affirmations For Self Worth And Confidence

Reading and reciting affirmations is a great way to help you boost your self worth and self esteem.

These things are vital in finding happiness and peace in life, and you deserve to have a high sense of self worth. Reciting the following affirmations to yourself whenever you are feeling down on your self worth is a great first step to improving your self esteem. Feel free to save these affirmations for whenever you feel that you need them.

Affirmations can be *so powerful* but most people make mistakes and quit before they see results. You can follow this affirmation workbook to see how it can impact your life in just 7 days.

  • Accepting myself is an important part of growing and evolving
  • I am beautiful, kind, and smart
  • I believe in myself in all the things I try to do
  • I deserve to feel good and be happy
  • My existence is just as important in this world as anyone else’s
  • There is nothing that can stop me from achieving my goals and dreams
  • People love me for who I am right now
  • I choose to do kind things for myself
  • I am a complete person how I am right now, and I do not need to change
  • There is nothing that is out of my capabilities
  • I deserve to love myself
  • I am enough the way I am right now
  • I am successful and happy
  • Loving myself is courageous
  • I am respected and loved by myself and others
  • Balancing my life is one of the most important things
  • I deserve to be loved by others
  • It is okay to not be the best all the time
  • There is no one just like me, I am special
  • I love who I am
  • With each day, I love myself more
  • I deserve to find success in life
  • I hold the power to create the life that I want to live
  • I already have everything that I need
  • I am doing a good job with the resources that I have
  • I am a whole and complete person
  • I don’t need to do anything to earn love and respect
  • The things I want and are deserving of are coming for me
  • I have valid contributions to give
  • I am already accomplishing my goals
  • I am creative and inspired
  • There are people that look up to me
  • I am grateful for what I have
  • I belong in this world, and it is a miracle that I am here
  • I am able to express who I truly am with ease
  • I deserve all of the good things that come to me
  • I am able to assert myself, and stand up for others and myself
  • I enjoy spending time with myself
  • I love and accept everything about myself
  • My mind, body, and spirt are strong
  • I deserve the all of the love that I receive
  • I will not shrink myself for others because I know my worth and value
  • I am not afraid to be amazing
  • I have positive and pure energy
  • I am thriving in the life that I am currently living
  • I have a gift to offer to the world
  • There is a magic inside of me that the world needs
  • I am courageous and resilient
  • I am powerful, worthy, and more than enough
  • I am stronger than any of my struggles
  • I deserve to live the life of my dreams
  • I am the one who determines my self worth
  • I am powerful and can make an impact on the world
  • I can rewrite my story
  • I can do difficult things
  • With each day, I become more confident and courageous
  • I am proud of the person I have become
  • I am true to myself, and there is no other person that I would rather be
  • No matter how many mistakes I make, I am still worthy of self love and respect
  • I love who I am on the inside and outside
  • I can release any negative thoughts and feelings, as they do not serve me
  • I let go of things that drain my energy
  • I am not defined by achievements, or lack of them
  • I am willing to grow and evolve
  • I can control my thoughts
  • What I do today is enough
  • I am grateful that I get to be the person I am
  • I am not a mistake, everything I am is what I am supposed to be



Dedicated to self improvement in every way.

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