Affirmations For Bedtime and a Good Nights Rest

Affirmations are a great way to center yourself and keep a positive mindset. The end of the day at bedtime is a great time to read and recite affirmations, so you can end your day on a positive note!

The following affirmations are a great place to start with bedtime affirmations. Feel free to save them and recite them at night, or whenever you feel like you need some extra positivity in your life!

Affirmations can be *so powerful* but most people make mistakes and quit before they see results. You can follow this affirmation workbook to see how it can impact your life in just 7 days.

  • I give myself permission to let go of the day and relax
  • I am grateful for everything that happened today
  • I am tired and am looking forward to sleeping
  • My essential nature is without fault, I am right where I need to be
  • I let go of any fears I may have for tomorrow
  • I feel at peace with the universe
  • I the person that I am today
  • I release any heaviness from my body and mind
  • There is nothing that will disturb my peace tonight
  • I did enough today, and I deserve to sleep and rest
  • I am successful and happy
  • Tomorrow will be a new day full of new opportunities
  • I will have happy dreams tonight
  • I trust my body to sleep well
  • If I wake up in the night, I will easily fall asleep
  • I am relaxed, and I feel ready to sleep
  • I did my best today and I am now free to rest
  • I feel safe and secure
  • I am ready to go to sleep
  • Sleep is a natural process that I get to enjoy
  • I will listen to my breath and stay feeling calm
  • My body knows how to sleep well
  • I end this day with gratitude
  • I believe in myself in all of the things that I try to do, today and everyday
  • I have the ability to accomplish any of the tasks that I may set my mind to
  • The events of today are now in the past
  • I enjoy restful sleep each night
  • Tomorrow has endless possibilities
  • I am grateful for what I have
  • I will love myself each day, without exception
  • When it comes to fulfilling my destiny, I have patience
  • I am grateful for all of the ways that I have grown today
  • I am ready to let go of my tension from the day
  • I am looking forward to everything that tomorrow will bring
  • I let go of the imperfections of today
  • There are no risks involved with being myself, and I live without fear
  • I am comfortable
  • I am sleeping in a safe place
  • I release any resistance that I may have to sleep and relaxation
  • I had kind thoughts today
  • My efforts from today will bring good things for me tomorrow
  • Today was a day that was full of hope and love
  • I cherish and deserve sleep
  • I am mentally and physically relaxed
  • With each breath, I become more and more relaxed
  • I will rest well knowing that today is complete
  • I am happy, loved, beautiful, and secure
  • I find peace and forgiveness, for myself and others
  • My sleep tonight will give me energy for tomorrow
  • I feel completely and totally relaxed
  • I let go of my control for the day
  • I will exhale fear and inhale peace
  • I will sleep through the night
  • There is nothing that is out of my capabilities
  • I will welcome any realizations that sleep brings to me tonight
  • Rest and sleep are very important to me and my well being
  • Everyone I love will also have a peaceful and restful night
  • There is nothing else left for me to do today
  • Tomorrow will bring me a fresh start
  • I am happy with who I am
  • Wherever I am tonight is where I am supposed to be
  • Rest comes easy to me
  • I give myself the permission to just be right now
  • Tomorrow, I will wake up with an open heart
  • I cherish everything that I learned today
  • I welcome the deep sleep that tonight will bring
  • I empty my head of racing thoughts
  • I will get all of the rest that I need tonight



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