56 Crown Chakra Affirmations

4 min readAug 5, 2021

According to Hindu wisdom, the human being possesses 7 chakras. These are energetic points that regulate the vibratory frequency of each individual. The Crown Chakra, also called 7th Chakra, represents the wisdom and spirituality that we reach here on Earth. You can activate this energy point through daily affirmations to achieve full spirituality.

Here are the most powerful Crown Chakra affirmations.

1-I am One with Creation.

2-I embrace my spiritual identity and my earthly identity and allow both to flow naturally.

3-I am One with the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, the sky, and the stars.

4-I am permanently connected to my Higher Self.

5-I am light, love and enthusiasm.

6-I am protected by the Divine Light.

7-The Divine Light nourishes my whole being.

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8-I love myself and I love everyone equally.

9-Universal love is the only truth in my life.

10-I am a transcendent being.

11-I am a spiritual being experiencing love on the earthly plane.

12-I am complete and a part of the universal picture.

13-My being manifests only universal truths.

14-I am grateful to experience this earthly reality.

15-I allow my inner wisdom to outwardly project my inspiration.

16-I allow my spiritual healing power to manifest in my earthly reality.

17-I release myself from physical pain, emotional pain, doubts and fears.

18-Divine wisdom guides me on my life path.

19-I recognize my divine truth.

20-I receive vital energy that purifies my earthly being.

21-I am a being united to the cosmic energy and I vibrate in universal love.

22-I live in high vibratory frequency, I live in love and manifest true love wherever I go.

23-I am part of the Whole and enjoy the peace of God.

24-I allow divinity to manifest in my being.

25-My thoughts, emotions and behavior are guided by the wisdom of the Creator.

26-The omnipresent power of the Creator gives me courage and serenity in the face of life’s obstacles.

27-I trust in the wisdom of the universe that my problems will resolve themselves.

28-My earthly happiness is permeated by divinity.

29-I am getting closer and closer to my Spiritual Enlightenment.

30-I accept and recognize the master who lives in me.

31-I accept and recognize the master that lives within each individual that is part of my life.

32-I yield my ego to the Universal Higher Consciousness.

33-I am an expression of the universal truth.

34-I trust in the higher power because I am united with all that exists.

35-I let everything flow because I trust in the natural process of life.

36-I let go of my ego to focus only on my inner wisdom.

37-Earthly reality is an illusion; the only truth is love.

38-I live exclusively in the present time, everything happens here and now.

39-I surrender myself to the wisdom of the Superior Consciousness.

40. I am in synchronicity with the universal divine energy.

41. All human beings are here on Earth in order to transcend spiritually.

42-I see beauty in every individual I meet.

43-I feel full confidence in the paths that the universe proposes to me.

44-I am One with all those who surround me.

45-I project love towards others and receive love from others.

46-My spirit dominates my ego.

47-I joyfully accept divine guidance.

48-My life is blessed by the infinite generosity of the universe.

49-I feel safe experiencing earthly reality because I am being guided by the universal wisdom.

50-I believe in the universe and its infinite wisdom to guide my path on Earth.

51-My original essence is pure innocence.

52-I have sufficient will to let go of the attachments of the earthly reality.

53-I see the transcendental learning behind every experience that I live.

54-My mind is always at peace.

55-I know that we are all One with all that exists around us.

56-I am a spirit temporarily experiencing a wonderful earthly reality.

Useful Guide

Follow these suggestions to maximize the benefits of Crown Chakra affirmations.

1st-Choose the affirmations you like the most.

2nd-Repeat the chosen affirmations every day, twice a day. Once in the morning and then at night, before going to sleep.

3rd-The Crown Chakra affirmations can be repeated out loud, mentally or by writing them on a piece of paper. Simply choose the way you feel most comfortable.