50 Solar Plexus Affirmations

According to Hindu tradition, the 7 chakras are energetic points that regulate our vibratory frequency. These energetic points must be in balance for our life to flow correctly in all areas. The Solar Plexus Chakra, also called the Third Chakra is especially important because it governs one’s identity and how we relate to others.

Here are the best Solar Plexus affirmations for balancing your self-esteem, willpower and relating well with others.

1-I accept myself as I am.

2-I recognize my inner power.

3-I deserve all that is good in this earthly world.

4-I am capable of achieving all my goals during this lifetime.

5-I accept and embrace my virtues and my faults.

6-I am proud of who I am and what I have achieved so far.

7-I enjoy the constant learning that this earthly life represents.

8-I allow myself to grow inwardly until the last day of my existence.

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9-I have the capacity to build the life that I want to experience in every area of existence.

10-My inner power manifests itself in the worst circumstances and I manage to overcome all obstacles.

11-My self-confidence is bigger than my doubts, fears and worries.

12-I allow myself to experience a life where good health, love and material abundance prevail.

13-My work development is in tune with the Divine Plan.

14-Challenges awaken my enthusiasm, I know that I can overcome all the obstacles that come my way.

15-I recognize my personal power and manifest it in every circumstance of life.

16-I am responsible for every aspect of my life.

17-I honor my spirit, my soul and my physical body.

18-I enjoy giving love and I deserve to receive love.

19-I use my personal power wisely and in harmony with the universe.

20-I am worthy of full happiness.

21-I am in permanent contact with the infinite source of power, love, and wisdom.

22-I free myself from all prejudices and I allow my life to flow harmoniously.

23-I treat myself with respect, honor and unconditional love.

24-The universe loves me and accepts me as I am.

25- I decide what to think, what to say and how to behave.

26-I establish healthy boundaries in my interpersonal relationships.

27-I eliminate limiting beliefs from my mind.

28-I manifest my power in all its splendor, in harmony with the universal order.

29-I have the power to give and receive.

30-I express my personal power whenever I desire it.

31- I have the ability to communicate all my ideas with clarity.

32-I am a creator and I use my inner power to create positive circumstances.

33-I have the power to manifest all of my desires in this earthly reality.

34-I make good decisions based on my convictions.

35- I allow myself to be myself in all contexts and circumstances.

36-I use my personal power to do Good.

37-I am motivated to fulfill my purpose here on Earth.

38-I choose to feel satisfied with myself in all contexts.

39-I free myself from my negative past, I remove all influence on the present.

40-I deserve the fabulous life I want to experience.

41-I always choose the best options for myself, in any situation.

42-I am here on Earth to manifest the best version of myself.

43-The beauty of the universe manifests itself through my actions.

44-I am comfortable with my inner power and manifest it outwardly with love.

45-I recognize my value and the value of each of those around me.

46-I free myself from the habit of controlling what happens around me.

47-I enjoy the life I have, because I have all I want.

48-I enjoy my work because I do what I am passionate about.

49-I am a Master Manifestor of the reality that I want to experience.

50-I can make all my dreams come true.

Useful guide

Follow these tips to reinforce the power of Solar Plexus affirmations.

1st-Choose the affirmations that best suit your way of being.

2nd-Repeat the chosen affirmations every day. Ideally, repeat them twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. If you want, you can choose another time of the day, if it is more comfortable for you.

3rd-The Solar Plexus affirmations can be repeated mentally, orally or in writing. Choose the form you like best.



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