48 Third Eye Chakra Affirmations: Awaken Your Extrasensory Perception

According to Hindu wisdom, the human body has seven chakras, which are vibratory points that regulate our personal energy. The Third Eye Chakra, also called the Sixth Chakra, is especially important because this energy point enhances intuition, perceives subtle worlds and gives a much broader vision of the world around you. If you want to activate the Sixth Chakra you must repeat affirmations that connect you with your deepest intuition.

Here are the most powerful Third Eye Chakra affirmations.

Affirmations can be *so powerful* but most people make mistakes and quit before they see results. You can follow this affirmation workbook to see how it can impact your life in just 7 days.

1-I listen to my intuition and accept what it tells me.

2-I am an infinite being experiencing earthly life.

3-I am an unlimited being who can access all knowledge.

4-I reveal secrets of the past, I heal the present and receive the future with joy.

5-I am a being of light who came to manifest love on this earthly plane.

6-My Third Eye is activated right now for me to see the Truth beyond my five physical senses.

7-I trust in my inner wisdom.

8-I connect easily with the infinite wisdom of the universe.

9-I always make good decisions.

10-I am a master manifester of my deepest desires.

11-I see all circumstances clearly.

12-I control my destiny regardless of any context.

13-I am connected to my Higher Self, who always guides me along the right path.

14-I follow the marvelous path that the universe designed for me.

15- I am the source of my truth.

16-I am open to the guidance of my Higher Self in order to make the right decisions.

17-I know with certainty what my purpose is in this lifetime.

18-I manifest the reality I want to experience.

19-My intuition is highly developed and this benefits my quality of life.

20-My philosophy of life is aligned with my inner wisdom.

21-I take the necessary time to perceive myself and attend to my own needs.

22-Everything I do and don’t do benefits my spiritual evolution.

23-I listen to the wise signals that the universe sends me to plan my life correctly.

24-The vicissitudes of life represent a great opportunity for me to discover the truth that lies within.

25-Every circumstance I go through leads me to discover true happiness.

26-I move away from what hurts me and focus only on what does me good.

27-My mind, my body and my spirit are in harmony with my Higher Self.

28-I allow divinity to develop in me.

29-The protection of the creative force gives me serenity to face the daily life.

30-I see the reality as it is, without the interpretations of the logical mind.

31-My third eye connects easily with my inner knowledge.

32-I use my intuition to illuminate my own path and that of others.

33-I clearly discern the good from the bad.

34-I identify the wisdom that comes from my spirit.

35-I see clearly the Truth.

36-I release all my fears to see the beings of light that have always been with me.

37-I always make wise decisions because I allow myself to be guided by my intuition.

38-I can see the truth that is hidden behind every circumstance.

39-I intuit what is good for me and I put it into practice.

40-My inner wisdom is aligned with the prevailing wisdom of the lightworkers.

41-I remain receptive to messages communicated to me by angels.

42-I pay attention to the signs of the universe, for they lead to a good path.

43-I ignore the appearance of circumstances, focusing only on the truth.

44-I open myself to the universal wisdom, I ignore what my five physical senses inform me.

45-I perceive beyond the five physical senses, the beings of light reveal to me the truth.

46. I clearly understand any context that is presented to me beyond what is seen on the outside.

47-My Third Eye is activated every day so that I perceive only the truth.

48-I feel deep gratitude for my wise intuition.

Useful guide

1st) Choose the Third Eye Chakra affirmations that you like the most.

2nd) Repeat these affirmations every day, as soon as you wake up and at night before going to sleep.

3rd) Choose a way to repeat the affirmations: write them down, repeat them mentally or say them out loud.

4th) Relax your mind so that the Third Eye Chakra affirmations work faster.

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